Strip search forced on women in Van Type T Prison

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  • 14:14 21 November 2019
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VAN - Ayşe Dalar who is currently a prisoner in In Van Type T Closed Prison, told that the women brought to the prison are forced to be strip searched and that they are subjected to verbal and physical abuse then beaten. 

Aysel Dalar, who is in Van Type T Closed Prison, sent a letter to Van Branch of Human Rights Association (İHD) and wrote about the violations of rights in prison. The officers impose strip search for newly arrived women and they harass the prisoners physically and verbally. They also beat the women during the search.
Aysel stated the following in her letter:
"I am writing about the oppression and rights violations in our prison. We have a total of 24 people in 2 women's wards. We have been prevented from going to painting activities for a long time. Our new friends are not given sheets or blankets.  Nevertheless, we are not given any seats by the institution. And we have to sit on the floor.
‘Disciplinary punishments were given’
Again we are being given disciplinary penalties for slogans not exceeding 3 minutes at the yard. We also need to go to the infirmary every 15 days, but it takes two or three months. In addition, after the treatment of infirmary the medication prescribed is not being given or not being given on time. 
‘Children are not given products suitable for them’
There is a 3-year-old girl with us, products such as milk, yoghurt, cheese and eggs are not given. They opened up a nursery in prison and few weeks later it was prevented from opening for various reasons. She is psychologically and socially affected.
‘It is difficult to find someone we can speak to about our problems’
Although the strip search in the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is a violation of rights against the honor of humanity, it is still imposed on our newly arrived friends. During this search, verbal and physical abuse is experienced. We are being beaten. It is difficult to find someone we can talk to about these intense right violations. This is all we have to say right now and we want the prison officials and those responsible to be held accountable."