Attorneys of Çet: They said suicide, it turned out to be sexual assault

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  • 15:14 20 November 2019
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ANKARA - Şule Çet’s case, who was murdered after being sexually assaulted by Berk Akand and Çağatay Aksu, was postponed to December 4. Çet's attorney stated that the defendants said it was a suicide but it turned out to be sexual assault at the end.

In Ankara, the 5th hearing of Şule Çet's case who was murdered by the accused Berk Akand and Çağatay Aksu after being sexually assaulted and thrown from the 20th floor of a plaza was held today. The hearing was attended by Şule Çet's family, lawyers, women's organizations, Ceren Damar Şenel's father who was murdered by her student, Açelya Şengül, the daughter of the murdered Fatma Şengül. The defendant Berk Akand and Çağatay Aksu and their attorneys attended.
Lawyers and defendants made their defenses after the prosecutor's opinion.
‘’It turned out that Sule was not suicidal’’
Then the lawyer of the family Umur Yildirim took his turn. Umur Yildirim said: "we are denouncing those who say ‘’you have to watch your daughter’' who consider virginity and wearing piercings as a crime. The defendants are sentenced accordingly the article 82/1 for hiding and deliberately killing a person. Aggravated life sentence was not given because they claimed that Şule Çet was suicidal. It turned out clearly that she wasn't. Both defendants went to the 20th floor because they did not have a defense to be there at that time of the day.  Surveillance videos clearly show that Çağatay Aksu was harassing Şule Çet.
 Umur finally asked the court for the sentence of the defendants not to be abated and for the continuation of the detention.
Request for release from the defendant's lawyer
The hearing continued with the defense of defendant Çağatay Aksu and Berk Akand. Both defendants targeted Şule and tried to clear themselves. Then the defendant's lawyer Hüseyin Ayan took the turn and used sexist expressions targeting Sule. Levent Ekmen, one of the defendants' lawyers, requested additional time for the defense against the indictment. Levent also requested the release of the accused Çağatay Aksu.
The court decided to give time for the defense to be completed and requested defendant Berk Akand's to write down his final defense and decided his detention to be continued 
The hearing is postponed to 4 December.