TOHAV President Erdem: Victim of torture is forced to testify to his torturer

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  • 09:57 9 December 2019
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İSTANBUL - TOHAV President Didar Erdem said: "Those who complain about the torture is taken by the police. The fact that the complainant is going to testify to the police where he was tortured may cause him to hesitate to complain."

The cases of torture and maltreatment seriously increased after the military coup on July 15, 2016 and the state of emergency declared after that. According to the data of the Humans' Rights Association, 427 people were beaten under custody, 1855 people were beaten during detention or in demonstrations and as a total 2.682 people applied to İHD for being tortured. And again, according to the data of Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TIHV), 487 people were subjected to torture and maltreatment in 2016.
Erdem stating that there are tow options in front of the tortured person, said that the first was to apply directly to the prosecutor's office and the second is to apply to the police station. Erdem said: "In practice, in both types of complaints, the statement of the person was taken through the police.While there is no effective and quick investigation process in the files, the fact that the complainant will testify to the police where he is tortured may cause him to hesitate to complain."
Expressing that the perpetrators of these crimes should be investigated and punished in the most effective and fast way, Erdem said: "The authorities' discourse can sometimes encourage crime aside from deterrence. In his last statement, Süleyman Soylu mentioned the perpetrators of torture and ill-treatment crimes, which are clearly defined as crimes in the penal code, and used the words 'people who do not behave ethically and unlawfully and behave incorrectly'. Torture is not a simple behavior that can only be explained or interpreted in violation of ethics, it is an absolute prohibition and a crime, the perpetrators of this crime are the perpetrators of a crime and must be punished. Trainings are therefore important for the prevention of torture, and law enforcement officials and prison staff need to be made aware of human rights, inspected and civil society should be involved in these processes." 

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