Report said that there are 3,000 children in Turkish prisons

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  • 11:59 21 November 2019
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NEWS CENTER - Children Rights Violation Report has been issued to mark World Children's Rights Day. The report said that 3,000 children are in prison in Turkey, 743 with their mothers. 

Diyarbakır  Bar Association Children's Rights Center held a press conference in Tahir Elçi Meeting Hall.
Speaking at the meeting Vice President of the Bar Association and Children's Rights Coordinator Lawyer Gazal Bayram Koluman said that Turkey has a long way to go as to respect of children' rights.
Koluman said that the AKP-MHP regulation actually "will pave the way for early and forced marriages and will legitimize sexual abuse".
Koluman reminded the Ministry of Family Labor and Social Services of its legal responsibility for the detection and accommodation of children living on the streets and drew attention to children in prisons.
Koluman said that children continue to lose their lives due to conflict, war and mines.
IHD İskenderun Branch held a press conference at the association building. 
The IHD Mersin Branch Children's Rights Commission held a press release at the Özgür Children's Park. Speaking at the action, IHD Mersin Branch Children's Rights Commissioner Zeynep Kaya said that children's rights are seriously violated.
IHD Adana Branch Children's Rights Commission published the 2019 Child Rights Violations Report at a press conference held at the branch building.
According to the report 743 children are in prison with their mother. They are part of the 3,000 children in prison.
* 93 children, 13 of them boys, were harassed.
* A total of 545 children, 27 of whom boys, suffered sexual violence.
* A total of 701 children, 133 of whom boys, were exposed to sexual abuse.
* 366 children were subjected to domestic violence and ill-treatment.
* A total of 6 children, 4 of whom boys, were killed in judicial incidents.
* A total of 1,195 children, 762 of whom boys, were intentionally injured.
* A total of 109 children, 14 of whom boys, were reported as missing.
* A total of 2 children committed suicide.
* 75 children, 19 of whom boys, attempted suicide.
* A total of 3 children drowned in the water.
* One child died in a fire.
* A total of 16 children were detained in social incidents.

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