Arrest warrant against artist Ferhat Tunc

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  • 14:23 21 August 2019
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İSTANBUL - An arrest warrant was issued against artist Ferhat Tunc before the investigation on him was completed.

Ferhat Tunc continues to face pressure and lawsuits. The Istanbul Heavy Penal Court No.37 issued an arrest warrant against Tunc for spreading terrorist propaganda on his social media accounts. The arrest warrant was issued before the investigation was completed, or Tunc was asked for a deposition at the prosecutor’s office.
Tunc had protested the invasion of Afrin and showed respect for the civilians who lost their lives. Tunc, also known as a peace activist, sharing Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan’s message that the Kurdish issue could be resolved in six months was also added to the indictment, as well as Tunc’s posts on the fighting against ISIS gangs in Kobane.
Ferhat Tunc, who currently lives on exile, protested the ruling and issued the following statement:
“I called the Afrin operation an invasion. What is tearing hundreds of thousands of people away from their homes and their lands, and replacing them with wannabe-ISIS structures, if not an invasion? The issue is that I refuse to be a sycophant like Ibrahim Tatlises and Yavuz Bingol, who they took to the border to sing songs against Afrin. That I consider surrender to this tyrannical order a dishonor. I am a criminal if living without dishonor is a crime.”

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