10:12 editor's pick
He has a 60% vision loss and he is not being treated
09:57 actual
TOHAV President Erdem: Victim of torture is forced to testify to his torturer
09:37 actual
Detention operations in 3 districts of Diyarbakır
09:37 actual
Where is the body of journalist Erdemci killed in Serêkaniyê ?
09:36 actual
Murat Kaya buried under military control
09:35 actual
Thousands shouts out from Bakırköy: We want to lead a humanly life
15:01 actual
Journalists: We will continue to write the truth
13:43 actual
UN: At least 7,000 people arrested in Iran in mass protests
13:42 actual
Shots fired to the prostesters in Iraq: 8 dead, 20 wounded
13:32 actual
Enterance ban to Beşiri after trustee appointment
13:12 actual
Kurdish parties: We are here for our people
13:11 actual
Investigation against Zırığ who calls the trustee appointments 'Dictator reflex'
11:49 actual
Trustees appointed to 4 more HDP Municipalities
15:57 actual
Family of Demirtaş injured in car accident on the way to prison
15:52 actual
Turkey appoints district governers to Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî
15:09 actual
Families' application to visit İmralı rejected again
14:20 actual
Responce to Soylu saying 'maltreatment have been decreased': He must be living in another country
13:47 actual
Woman who had a heart attack during the police raid lost her life
13:32 actual
Budget expo from HDP: War and extravagancy budget
11:18 actual
They can't hear, they can't speak
Their parents got arrested on International day of persons with disabilities
09:38 actual
HDP Kağıthane district executive detained
09:37 actual
2 Provincial Assembly members were detained in Muş
09:36 actual
HDP Co-Mayors of Van District Municipalities detained
09:36 actual
Journalist Yusuf Topaloğlu arrested
15:06 actual
5-year-old Efe Tektekin killed by armoured police vehicle found the primary negligent party
14:47 actual
Decision announced in Şule Çet case
12:18 actual
Co- Mayors transferred to Tarsus Prison
11:50 actual
14 HDP executives and members arrested in Kocaeli
11:37 actual
Attorney of Şenyaşar family: Minister, Governor, District Governor were all there
09:26 actual
Öcalan conviction to Turkey from ECHR
09:26 actual
Free Journalists' Initiative: No freedom of the press in Turkey
09:25 actual
UNICEF: Those who kill children will be held accountable
09:24 actual
Journalists Eser and Topaloğlu arrested
17:52 actual
Our reporter Altan is released with judicial control
17:22 actual
Suruç Co-Mayor transferred to Tarsus
17:18 actual
The prosecutor demanded arrest without taking a statement
14:47 actual
Öcalan's attorneys applied again to visit İmralı
13:18 actual
64 year old sick prisoner Aydoğan lost his life
13:17 actual
International Travel Ban on Journalist Hasan Cemal Lifted
13:05 actual
Inflation hits double digits again
12:09 actual
Peace Academics demanded reinstatement of their rights
12:09 actual
French Communist Party denounced Demirtaş situation
12:08 actual
ETHA reporter Işık detained
11:54 actual
US Defense Secretary Esper: I can not label YPG as terrorists
11:51 actual
'Journalists are subjected to harassment of the judiciary'
10:42 actual
Law suit against 12 students who sang in Kurdish
10:18 actual
Emine Şenyaşar whose husband and 2 sons murdered: Why is my son in prison for 1.5 years?
09:59 actual
MSD and the Autonomous Administration condemned the Til Rifat attack
09:48 actual
7 arrested in Batman
17:12 actual
Selahattin Demirtaş being referred to hospital